At Cultura we are proud to give back to life a forgotten footwear model, a shoe that was created during the arrival of bicycles in Spain around 1920.

A design that was lost during Spanish civil war. In the early twentieth century, mallorcan shoe craft masters designed this shoe for an optimal bike ride:

1. No laces to avoid entanglements with the wheel.

2. Organic cotton for an optimal breathability.

3. Thin and flexible soles made by recycled motor bike tires.

4. Low heels for pedal grip.

5. Natural leather to protect toecap.

6. Anatomic leather insoles for a healthy walk.

After a deep research at the abandoned shoe ateliers around Mallorca, we found some traces of the missing bike shoe: sketches, forms and pattern cut-outs. And in collaboration with the last artisans on the island, we give it back to life.

An easy slip-on shoe handcrafted with
natural materials that will take care of your feet. Optimal for a bike ride or to stroll in the summer time.

You can wear it without socks and enjoy the feeling of organic cotton caressing your skin. No smelly feet!

At Cultura, every season we launch a new footwear design in limited collections.

Every pair is made by hand in Spain one by one. Respecting footcraft tradition and using natural materials. We are a humble entrepreneurial company that wants to do the things right. Fight against mass-production and give back to society a product with sustainable value. Buying a Cultura shoe, you are giving your vote to make this world a better place.


We are a team of artisans that craft custom-made shoes in Mallorca.