Invented by Mallorca radish farmers –wear by European botanists, archaeologists & adventurers – during the expeditions to the north African Mediterranean coast.

At the beginning of the 20th century, figures like Walter Benjamin, Vivi Täckholm and Gordon Childe, among others, count with them to discover the Sahara desert, Cartago ruins and Moroccan reefs.  

It was a common purchase during the long ship trips from Rome to Algiers. 

The island of Mallorca was the last stop to reload supplies – and this boots were one of the most demanded goods – a prize to delight after winning a hand of cards.

The indestructible sole made by upcycled car-tires and the innovative out tongue, invented by farmers to harvest in muddy plains, were the perfect ingredients to walk through unexplored ruins and keep feet isolated from water, sand and desert scorpions.

Today, Cultura Shoes manage to bring them back to life!

Keeping the same essence like a century ago: Same machines: Mechanical stich! Same materials: Vegetable tanned cattle leather! Same families: Shoemakers lineages. Made at the same place: Mallorca.

CULTURA is a humble entrepreneurial team that wants to do the things right. Fight against mass-production and give back to society a product with sustainable value. Supporting Cultura Shoes, you are giving your vote to make this world a better place. But remember:

You are always FREE to choose!

We are a team of artisans that craft custom-made shoes in Mallorca.