At CULTURA shoes we are not famous fashion designers, we don´t design our own models: We rescue them!

We save them to be extinct due to the big competition of mass manufacturation.

We search the trail of ancient designs in dusty boxes of small abandoned shoe workshops from Mallorca. A shape, a pattern, a design sketched on paper, leather cutouts … are enough clues to rescue those models that were used on the island in the past. Sometimes a shoe worn by the aristocracy of Palma in the 20´s, sometimes boots used by potato farmers in the 50´s. -Who know what we will still finding in the upcoming future?-

To complete the puzzle, our master shoemakers, the last heirs of this art, carefully reconstruct the found pieces. Then, we adapt the shoe to present times: anatomic insoles, foot-form adjusted, finishing and comfort improvement… and we test the redeemed creation to be sure to offer it back to the world. A time travel of a design extinction in the past to its reincarnation in the present.

In CULTURA shoes we not only rescue designs, we keep the same techniques of craftsmanship and materials used by the creator in his time. Respecting and admiring the tradition of this art.

That´s why from CULTURA shoes, we ask our customers not to judge us by imitation, but by research, restoration and preservation of a tradition that we love. Enjoy a shoe with: